The summer you’ve always dreamt of - and now it's for real!

Don’t you think the locals might get tired of these blue summer skies, the shimmering red rocks of the Langkofel mountain and the fragrant smell of the Alpine meadows? Doesn’t it get a bit boring after a while?

We: Carolin & Alexander, disagree. We absolutely love our summers here in Val Gardena Valley and they never fail to please! The colours and light on the majestic Dolomites are in an ever-changing interplay with the position of the sun and cloud formations.

Small wonder that adventurers feel at home in the Val Gardena! At our Green B&B in Ortisei/St. Ulrich you’ve found the ideal base camp for your forays into this natural paradise! From our hotel, you’re also close to the local public transport network, which you can use free of charge thanks to our complimentary Val Gardena Mobility Card, plus all the ski lifts in Val Gardena, using the Gardena Card. See here!


To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, you can take part in the weekly Val Gardena active programme. Each day there are various activities, such as an introduction to Ladin culture, photographic workshops and adventure hikes. As our guests at the Pra Palmer, you can join the programme for free or at a reduced rate! Check with us or see:

Needless to say that you can also explore the Val Gardena on your own. But some advice is always helpful. Here are some of the most common summer activities in the Val Gardena:

  • Hiking:

    Take off your mountain boots and put on your trainers! The Dolomites surrounding Ortisei are an official UNESCO World Heritage Site and are recognised as one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the world. In this explorers’ paradise, there are literally thousands of trails and tracks joining the rocky massifs with sprawling Alpine pastures and forests. It’s only a question of finding the best route! Wide forest roads, solitary ibex trails … here you’ll find almost every kind of mountain route imaginable! Just a word of advice: don’t miss the congenial Val Gardena Refuge, with its great views!

    Here’s a useful link for some great hiking ideas as well as an interactive map:

  • MTB Biking/Road Cycling:

    Enjoy riding in the slipstream? Around Ortisei there are numerous opportunities for mountain biking on the slopes. They range from the flat-topped, but scenic Vallelunga to the Sellaronda, one of the most challenging and spectacular MTB circuits in the world. The Val Gardena is now a recognised hotspot for mountain biking, with a comprehensive support system. There are maintenance workshops and bike rental shops in almost every village. Your host, Alexander, who’s also an ardent cyclist with plenty of local experience, is able to give you good advice and take you on a tour, if you wish. Feel free to ask!

  • Mountaineering and Climbing:

    Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Experiencing the mountains in person is totally different to the mountain images on screen savers around the world! Go on a trek to the cross on the summit! This refers to the most sought-after peak in Val Gardena. At 3,181 m in height, the legendary Langkofel is a gigantic mass of dolomite and limestone soaring into the sky. Bouldering fans and serious sports climbers are sure to meet their match on the tallest mountain of the Langkofel Group. If that sounds too demanding, then no need to panic. Along the climb, are secure fixed rope sections (called via ferrata). The local mountain guides in Val Gardena are always ready to accompany visitors and offer climbing courses for both children and adults. Even Luis Trenker and Reinhold Messner had to start somewhere.

    To locate experienced and friendly mountain guides, go to:

  • High Rope Course:

    We have the perfect antidote for overcoming a fear of heights before their first storm on the mountain! That includes children (both actual and those with the child "within" 😉): a high rope course with 3000m long steel cables and almost sixty platforms, countless steps, ladders, spiral staircases and bridges above Ortisei, guarantee exciting and safe family recreation. Go to:

  • Swimming:

    As we South Tyroleans say, taking a "Schwottler" (jump into the water), is part and parcel of summer holidays. Val Gardena is no exception. Check out the Mar Dolomit pool and sauna complex in Ortisei – just a short hop from the Pra Palmer B&B! Or take a ride to the Völser Weiher pond, less than a 30 min drive from Ortisei and experience a different side of South Tyrol in summer. Children can splash about to their hearts content near the reeds in this small but popular mountain lake resort!

  • Paragliding:

    If bouldering and the high rope course haven’t worn you out, then you can ratchet your adrenaline addiction up another notch: Try Paragliding! The “Fly2” paragliding pilots offer tandem flights for the more intrepid:

So, you have kids?

In our field and in the public playground next door, we have the perfect space where junior guests can let off steam.

In June every year, Pra Palmer B&B takes part in the Children's Weeks in Val Gardena. Besides various discounts, there’s an extensive animation program for tomorrow’s champions:

If you need any more advice, you can also ask us directly. Just call us Carolin & Alexander.