Share the secrets and double the fun!

What a breathtaking mountain scene! Wherever your eye falls, the view goes straight to your heart: The via Ferrata mountain of the Sass Rigais with its magnificent panoramic views of the peaks, the imposing Sella mountain range and the mighty 3,181 metre Langkofel/Sassolungo, icon of Val Gardena,. And those are just a few…

The impressive rocky giants are our constant companions in Val Gardena – and every day, we locals marvel at the sight of them too. We, Carolin and Alexander, always share in our guests’ amazement. As locals, of course, we also have a bit of a head start when it comes to knowing what to do and where to go – and we want to share it with you. Read on to discover our top tips for an unforgettable holiday in Val Gardena!

  • Our favourite ski slopes

    Carolin's & Alexander's favorite tours here.

  • Our favourite ski slopes
    • The Hotel B&B Pra Palmer is ideally located for novice skiers and kids: The beginners’ slopes are right behind our hotel in Ortisei. It’s a great place to try your hand at skiing for the first time!
    • For experienced skiers, the Seceda ski resort is an absolute must. The views are spectacular, and the slopes to S. Cristina and the fabulously long downhill run to Ortisei are an absolute blast!
    • Pros can put their skiing skills to the ultimate test there where the World Champs race: The legendary Saslong!


  • Our favourite restaurants
    • Mar Dolomit
    • Tubladel
    • Da Cecco
    • Maurizkeller
    • Restaurant Concordia